Semi Automated Marking


Semi-automated marking and feedback allows for a more rapid return of assessments through the use of an existing bank of responses. These responses can come from previous marking and feedback within the subject and generated from common problems and mistakes that students may make as part of their learning journey. Some technology requires human intervention to either cast an eye over work in stages, or to move the documents from one system to another. This approach is evident in moving submitted assignments from EASTS to NORFOLK for electronic marking and, for some maths subjects EASTS/Spreadsheets/MAPLE. The automated part of the marking is completed by either a system (Maple) or from prerecorded/created feedback responses (NORFOLK).

In Practice


MTH135 Mathematics And Statistics In Health Sciences

Teaching Staff

Dmitry Demskoy


To replace hand written submissions in order to improve time efficiency in marking and return assignments to students more rapidly.


The initial planning and development of unique questions for all students takes considerable time but once created marking can be very rapid and there is also more consistency across different markers.


For the example above:

NORFOLK provides a range of useful tools for speeding up the marking process. Using comment banks and audio feedback staff can speed up their processes dramatically.


NORFOLK MAPLE for Maths subjects.