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Welcome to the Online Learning Exchange

The Online Learning Exchange has been setup to house a number of resources to support the implementation of the Online Learning Model and its enactment within the Transforming Online Learning (TOL) Learning Experience Framework (LEF). The site provides detailed information about the Online Learning Model itself and expands on the seven elements - Learning Communities, Interaction Between Students, Teacher Presence, Interaction with the Professions, Flexible & Adaptive Learning, Interactive Resources and E-Assessment.

The Online Learning Exchange also houses a comprehensive list of strategies that provide working examples for implementing the various elements of the Online Learning Model including strategies specifically identified or prioritised for implementation within the TOL LEF.

Finally the OLM Mixer provides a tool to help assess current adoption of the model and pathways to improvements and ways of enhancing certain elements within the overall learning design.

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Explore the different ways of improving engagement with the Online Learning Model.

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