Extra Markers & Moderation


Extra markers may be hired to cope with rapid return of assessments. This places more pressure on the moderation process as an increased number of markers working in a short time frame compounds the complexity.

Individual Schools may have different processes for managing the allocation of marking support but subjects with larger cohorts will often require additional markers. This necessitates more detailed moderation from the Subject Coordinator. Refer to the CSU Moderation Policy for guidelines for successful moderation practices.

In Practice


MGT310 Operations Management

Teaching Staff

Paul Forbes


To provide students with more rapid feedback for their assessments .


Where funding is provided for additional marking appropriate markers may be contracted from a pool identified by the School or through professional networks.

MGT310 has an online and multiple on campus cohorts with large numbers. Three case study based tasks were targeted for rapid return. Additional markers were contracted and a moderation process implemented.


Setting up for success

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